7 Different Acne Removal Treatments

Dealing with acne is something no one wants to go through but many of us do. Dealing with acne is big business and it is hard to know what the best acne removal treatment is.

However, while there are well-known treatments like facial creams, there are other less-known but effective techniques that are often used. Here are just a few of those treatments that you may not have tried.

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Aloe-Vera is well known for its healing qualities and many people have found that using Aloe-Vera on acne can actually clear up the face. The great thing about this is that there are plenty of Aloe-Vera products available and they are all cost effective when compared with other types of acne removal treatments.


A more extreme acne treatment is cortisone. The cortisone is injected directly into the heavy breakout areas to remove the acne and clear up the skin.

Use Heat To Treat It

A cheap way to deal with acne is to use heat as a treatment.  Heat can be used locally to kill bacteria on pimples and to speed up the healing of the skin as well.

tea trea oil

Many people find great relief from their acne problems by treating it with tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Oil

Like Aloe-Vera, tea tree oil is well-known for its healing qualities. Those healing qualities make it perfect as an acne removal treatment. By dissolving the tea tree oil into water and applying it on the skin, it is possible to kill bacteria and keep the skin from drying out.


Zinc is another effective treatment for many people and taking zinc gluconate in pill form can help alleviate inflammatory or cystic acne. This is another method that is cheap and easy to obtain because of the availability of pills.


Lastly, you can try detoxification to remove toxins from your body and as a result, your skin.

Detoxification is often used in alternative medicine to remove acne and it involves cleansing the body of toxins that can cause an excess of bacteria and oils that need to be removed. This is a useful and cheaper treatment that lots of people have had success with.

Removing acne doesn’t have to be hard. There are plenty of treatments that can be used to help you have clear skin. You can remove your acne without needing skin surgery and you can do it with over the counter products.

Treating this skin condition doesn’t have to be hard, nor does it have to be expensive.   Light treatment is also an effective way when dealing with acne. Try out some of these and find out which is going to be best for you.

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