Acne Laser Treatment vs Micro-Derm Abrasion

There has been much success reported from people who have had acne laser treatment and micro-derm abrasion therapy.  However, there are a few things one needs to be aware of before pursuing these treatment options.

In recent years, laser light treatment options have demonstrated to often be a speedier as well as at times much more effective means for the treatment of quite a few ailments.

Acne is one of these ailments.

This skin disease is seldom wrongly diagnosed, and is pretty much uncomplicated to evaluate properly as long as the evaluation is done by a competent professional.

It can easily leave enduring scars, which are much more commonplace in forms of extreme acne or bad acne, while those people who have less severe varieties of the affliction are less difficult to treat.

Using Lasers To Treat Scarring

One of the most effective treatment choices for getting rid of acne scars is the use of laser treatments.  Acne should be taken care of as early on in the course of the affliction as is feasible, so as to avoid additional skin damage.  This can furthermore lessen the severity of the scarring.

Micro-Derm Abrasion Treatments

One of the latest methods to address active acne breakouts is with micro-derm abrasion utilizing aluminum hydroxide crystals. These crystals abrade the dermis, getting rid of the uppermost cellular levels.   This acts to eliminate unwanted debris affiliated with acne.

This particular kind of therapy is not required or suggested with less severe varieties of acne because it can end up being tough on the skin.  Nevertheless, this treatment has proven to be extremely powerful in clearing up active acne breakouts.

This kind of treatment can also be employed to clear breakouts of acne on the back and upper body. This can be beneficial given that back and chest acne is generally a lot more difficult to address as compared to acne on the face.

The treatment of skin damage calls for a sequence of treatments before noticeable effects are observed.  Regrettably, this therapy is not very successful in the treatment of deep scarring brought on by acute or lengthy periods of acne.  For that you may need a different treatment such as a scar lotion or other natural scar treatment.

The Negatives of Micro-Derm Abrasion Therapy

The downfall of micro-derm abrasion therapy is that it is operator dependent. Over peeling your skin can easily lead to such side effects as hypo pigmentation or scarring.

Consequently, if not done properly by a trained professional, the particular remedy you are employing in order to clear up your skin damage might in fact result in more skin damage.

Because of this, it is advised to have it carried out by a medical doctor or competent therapist who understands exactly how to get successful results without causing more injury to your skin.

Acne Laser Treatment Facts

Laser therapy as a means of dealing with acne and the marks and scars associated with it is actually simple, bloodless, gentle, and also has been reported to be extremely effective.  The side effects have generally been reported as mild to moderate with some pain, sensitivity in the area treated, and bruising that goes away after a few days in most cases.

The actual treatment is uncomplicated, quick, as well as precise, and more serious skin damage may end up being taken care of in the course of a number of sittings if desired.  For best results several treatment sessions are necessary and most of the time you can get set up on a payment plan to make it a little easier on your budget.

Although the actual side effects associated with these kinds of treatments tend to be few, and might not take place, they are nevertheless possible. Talk about this particular therapy and its possible side effects together with your physician prior to determining whether or not it is the best remedy for you.

Keep in mind, there might end up being some other alternatives available that may be more highly recommended for you depending on your skin condition.

Acne laser treatment is a viable option for many suffering from this terrible skin condition, but is not always the best way to go.  Make sure to discuss all options with your dermatologist and see what is best for you.

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