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If you follow some basic acne tips not only can you can help alleviate the acne you currently have, you can help to stop future acne breakouts too.

Probably the number one tip for acne prevention is to keep your face clean with gentle cleansers. It is recommended by most experts to wash your face at least twice a day, but don’t use any harsh cleansers that can strip the natural moisturizers from your skin and cause even more problems instead of preventing them.

Another one of the basic acne tips is to drink lots of water. Your skin has some natural ability to keep toxins out of its pores but most people don’t use this natural ability because they are not drinking enough water everyday.
If you drink at least one half gallon of water everyday (about six 8 ounce glasses) you might be amazed to see a significant increase in your skin’s ability to naturally fight acne.

Another factor that affects people’s acne is if they eat a lot of processed foods and fast food, so you want to stay away from those things as much as you can. Try eating more fruits and vegetables as well as drinking lots of water and you will be surprised at how much better your skin looks in time.

One of the most basic tips that you can use to help improve the quality of your skin is to wash your pillow cases at least twice a week or at least change them twice a week.

Another one of the basic acne remedies is to use some self control.  You don’t want to be picking at the acne you already have, or popping pimples because this can spread bacteria to other areas of your skin and that can cause even more acne.

Picking at your acne will most likely cause some scars to develop, and then you will end up trying different acne scar creams or lotions to try and get rid of those.

Using an over the counter benzoil peroxide spot treatment on your bad acne areas generally gives most people decent results. You can also check out some of the Proactive reviews articles available and see if you think a well known product like that might be good for you.

What most people want to avoid is using any products that contain alcohol as this has a tendency to dry the skin in a way that doesn’t help very much.

If your skin is infected with a bad acne breakout you certainly don’t want to be putting makeup on any of the infected areas because this can block the pores and make the problem worse.

Most people find that keeping their face clean, or the skin clean if the acne is on a different part of the body, along with some basic over the counter medications is good enough to start dealing with their acne problem.

If you are using these basic acne tips and you are not seeing an improvement in your acne you may need to consult with a dermatologist. Generally a dermatologist will provide you with some sort of prescription cream or even pills, but these are pretty strong and you need to really balance your use of them otherwise  they can cause other health problems.

If you do start to take a prescription acne medication make sure you’re following the directions properly and regularly visiting with your doctor whether or not you notice any side effects or other health problems.

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