Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea produces so many benefits to the body that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Many benefits are health related, and they tend to occur deep inside bodily tissues where they are invisible.

Green tea also produces many benefits that are beauty-related — those occur on the surface areas of the body where people can plainly see them. Both types of benefits — interior and exterior — have been used for centuries by people all over the world.

This article focuses on a few of the exterior benefits of green tea that have an effect on our beauty:

Helps in the Fight Against Acne

Green tea can be a powerful ally in the fight against acne. Its anti-inflammatory abilities help to reduce the redness and swelling associated with acne. It’s antioxidant abilities help to search and destroy the free radicals that makes skin more susceptible to acne due to the weakening of its tissues.

Green tea also helps to kill acne bacteria by virtue of its antibacterial abilities. All of these work together to promote healthy and beautiful skin.

Combats the Aging Process

A primary indicator of the aging process is cell tissue damage. The antioxidants found in green tea help to prevent this damage by hunting down and eliminating the free radicals before they can oxidize skin cells and damage the tissue.

Most anti-aging products sold on the internet are little more than scams designed to make money for the websites, but green tea is a proven remedy that you can try at home for very little cost.

Helps with Losing Weight

Various methods of using green tea, such as taking green tea diet supplements or following a green tea diet, have been proven to combat obesity and lower levels of bad cholesterol.

Although the exact mechanism is not yet understood, researchers believe that the substances in green tea called polyphenols, have the action of dissolving triglycerides from the bloodstream (fat molecules produced in the liver and small intestines). Another chemical named ECGC possesses metabolism-boosting properties. It acts in partnership with the natural caffeine present in green tea to help the metabolism function at a faster rate, thereby speeding up the rate at which fat is burned.

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Donna May is an at home skin care specialist who researches and writes about skin care products, does product reviews, and likes to discover new techniques for dealing with the many different kinds of skin issues that people develop over the course of their lives.