Best Tips For Cystic Acne Remedy

Getting affected by cystic acne is no fun. It is not such a simple health problem to talk about it in that light and we cannot add any sense of humor while talking about this form of acne.

It is one of the worst forms of skin disease with red swollen bumps on the skin. Often there is swelling and the pimples are full of pus. Usually, many people are affected by it when they are in their adolescent age.

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Many people have found that products that have tea tree oil in them offer great relief from painful cystic acne.

Before you go for any cystic acne treatment, let me give you an idea about what causes the formation of cystic acne on your skin.

As you know it well, healthy body produces healthy skin. To have excellent soft skin that is free from any infection, needs careful life style and effective planning and execution of the designed series of actions.  Balanced diet holds the key.

As long as you maintain balance in your diet, you generally will not have any problems. But you must remember that along with balanced diet, your life style should also be balanced. Irregular sleeping habits can severely affect your health however good and nutritious food you take. To lead life happily, you need to plan your life without many stressful events.

Stress can be a major source of complications in health.  Undergoing stressful incidents can damage the metabolism in the body and it will affect the normal functioning of the human biology.

As you will find, acne forms because of the clogged skin pores. When the skin pores get clogged with the dead skin cells and other materials, there will be ample chance for the growth of bacteria in the affected part.  To prevent it in the first place make sure you are using a good skin cleanser.

As a result, there will be inflammation, swelling, pain and reddishness on the affected skin part. The cystic pustules are red in color and they are often very painful. They are full of pus and they can grow up to 5mm in diameter.

 What are the remedies?

The most common practice in treating the cystic acne is going for home remedies. If you can follow some of the remedies given below and tolerate some pain initially, home remedies are best and cost effective. If you want to go in a professional way, it is always suggested to consult a physician and get it treated by a professional in the field.


Some of the home remedies include:

  • Taking water as much as possible will help your body to wash out the unwanted bacteria from the body.
  •  Taking apple cider vinegar by mixing it in the water can be very helpful. If you can add two table spoons of apple cider vinegar into 250ml of water and take, it will be very effective. Applying apple cider vinegar on the face after washing it with smooth soap will also be very effective.
  •  Turmeric has proved to be of immense value medically. It has got many properties that work against the bacteria. Turmeric powder proves to be of immense value for getting rid of infections and keeping your skin safe.If you can mix one table spoon of turmeric powder with one fourth table spoon of cinnamon in one cup of hot water by mixing some honey also for sweet taste and drink before you go to bed, it will offer tremendous relief to the painful cystic acne.
  •  Tea tree oil has also got excellent properties that act against the spread of bacteria in the cystic acne. By applying that on the affected parts can be very useful.

These remedies have proved very effective and they are very simple to follow to protect your skin.

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