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One of the things that people turn to to help get rid of their acne fast is a product called Accutane ™. This product was developed due to the overwhelming demand from people suffering from this terrible skin disease.

While there has been some great success in treating acne with this product there are a few things that one should know before going to their dermatologist and getting a prescription for it.

What Everyone Needs to Know Prior to Using Accutane ™

This product is a recommended prescription medication utilized for dealing with severe types of acne breakouts that have not responded effectively to various other treatment options.  These varieties include: nodular acne, as well as cystic acne, and many other forms of bad acne.

Acne develops when excessive oils block skin pores and induce a build-up to take place. This, in turn, will cause lesions to form.  Most of us recognize these kinds of lesions as pimples.

Occasionally, these pimples turn into nodules which usually are distressing and stay on the skin for a lengthier period of time.  Over time the nodules may turn into cysts, which may call for draining by a medical professional.

This particular sort of acne can easily continue for several weeks, or perhaps at times, even a few months, and is one of the most extreme varieties.   If the remedy you are using is not responding, you may well look at Accutane as a likely medication.   There are, nonetheless, a few things you ought to learn prior to making the choice to use this particular medicine.

Accutane has been determined to be successful in the treatment of more extreme kinds of acne, but can have significant side effects. Prior to using this particular medication, your doctor will certainly require you to go through and sign a form addressing these side effects.   An individual can only start treatment after verifying they understand the possible implications as well as consent to them.

Just one of the most significant side effects of using Accutane is that it can lead to birth defects in unborn children. It can even result in a woman to miscarry in the course of being pregnant, premature labor and birth, or even stillbirth.

It is cautioned that women who are, or could possibly be pregnant do not take this medicine.   Physicians are also requiring women using the medication to get a pregnancy test each and every thirty day period so they can stop using it right away if the test yields a positive result.

Doctors furthermore recommend against using Accutane in the event that a person plans to become pregnant, and state a person should not get pregnant for at least a 30 day period or even more after having stopped using the medication.

An additional detrimental side effect of this popular medication is the progression or development of mental issues in individuals that have even reportedly resulted in suicide.  A well know Congressman from Michigan has even introduced legislation that would require the drug company to note this fact in the possible side effects of this drug.

Signs and symptoms of these types of issues include things like:  feeling sad, depressed, or nervous, feeling empty, becoming easily irritated, rage, loss of interest in social pursuits, sleeping a lot or too little, feelings of suicide, and variations in body weight or desire for food.   These are simply a handful of the possible side effects linked with the depressive symptoms this medication is reported to lead to.

In the event that you encounter any of these signs and symptoms, or other people recognize that you might be exhibiting these signs including falling into a depression, check with your health care provider without delay.

What some people who have taken this medication say is that it “dries them out”.   Their skin not only gets extremely dry, but they feel dry inside as well.

This might be a desired medication when absolutely nothing has otherwise proved helpful to clear up your acne.   Acute acne can end up being extremely physically debilitating, and can certainly lead to social distress as well.  Explore with your doctor whether or not the advantages of using this medicine provide more benefits than the probable side effects, and if it is genuinely worth the actual risk.

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