How to Deal with Purple Pimples

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It’s not a good idea to pop a purple pimple. Flickr

A purple pimple is a uniquely troubling skin care problem. It is bad enough to break out with a nasty red zit the night before the prom or a wedding or a photo shoot, but popping out with purple pimples is even worse.

It is hard to use concealer to cover up red pimples, but it is almost impossible to use concealer to cover up purple pimples. And while it is never a good idea to pop any kind of pimple, but it is an especially bad idea to pop purple pimples.

Should I Pop My Pimples?

Why is it not a good idea to break open the skin to get rid of this kind of blemish? Actually, there are two reasons. If you have kind of a blotch on your skin, it is likely to be a bruise. Opening the skin just involves still more bruising and will make the purple discoloration worse.

If the purple pigment is concentrated in a bump, then it is likely to be clotted blood. The blood clot is not the problem. The problem is what is inside the clot. That is usually Streptococcus (strep) bacteria.

Strep bacteria have an unusual way of hiding themselves from the immune system. They grow in colonies in tissues with a good blood supply, like the skin on your nose or cheeks. They coat themselves with a blood protein known as fibrin, capturing blood they can use as food, while using the resulting blood clot as shield.

Girl popping massive zit

Girl popping zit boil on her face. It’s apparently cystic acne. Never seen anything like this in my life!!!! I tried to hold the camera as steady as I could, but I was a little shaky on this one!!!

If you start poking around with your fingers or a sharp object, you may be able to get rid of your purple pimple, but you can also spread the bacteria all over your face and even into your throat and sinuses.

Can I Take Something To Get Rid Of Purple Pimples?

Just say no to popping purple pimples. It is a lot better to take a supplement like serrapeptase, nattokinase, or mixed proteolytic enzymes to help break up the clot gradually so your immune system can do the work. It also helps to use products that contain the herbs calendula or tea tree oil, although benzoyl peroxide won’t work.

Letting your immune system take care of the blemish can take a week or so. In the meantime, you can make the pimple less noticeable by using a single layer of foundation makeup, but avoid the use of green makeup since you won’t be covering a red pimple.

Serrapeptase and Nattokinase enzymes may help clear up Acne


That is popping out in big purple pimples and cysts caused by acne. Juicing can help you stick to the lower-calorie and lower-carbohydrate diet you need to reduce acne inflammation, and enzymes can help.

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Pimple marks do not go away overnight. Flat purple marks from current delicate pimples will normally subside within a couple of weeks, whereas deep pitted scars can take years to actually go away.  

Purple Pimples: Acne Scars


Purple Pimples And Acne Scars ( Marks ): While pimples are a very common sight, some people may tend to be overly worried by the coloration of the growth. Remedies And Treatment For Acne Pimples: A number of effective

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