What Is Good And Bad About Acne Laser Treatment?

There are various methods to get rid of acne, and not every acne case will lead to scarring.

If you have lots of scars and the regular acne scar treatments have not worked, you might want to consider trying laser acne removal.

Laser Acne Treatment: The Process

As the name says, the laser light of high intensity is used in this method, and it burns the affected outer skin layer along helping to remove the scarring.  Sometimes minor side effects can take place, but generally the laser treatment is safe and almost painless.

The Benefits of Laser Acne Treatment

The process is pretty comfortable and easy to stand. Most people will experience almost no pain and will be able to return to their home after the end of the procedure.

Laser light is very accurate and it will not burn the no acne scarred skin; it will work only on the defined area.

According to the statistics, laser acne scar treatment is able to remove up to 85% of acne, which look like a very nice result. Also, because laser stimulates collagen production, the remaining area gets cleared as well.

Basically there are two types of lasers used in acne treatment: non-ablative and ablative. Non-ablative lasers are good for light and mild scars, and the ablative lasers are effective against more severe cases.

Both of these are good for those who have not had any success with home remedies for acne scar removal.

The Drawbacks Of Laser Acne Removal

Many people consider the price of the acne laser removal as the main drawback of the treatment. Well, it is not difficult to understand why the cost of the treatment is a bit expensive: it uses modern technologies and has proven to be very effective.

There is another drawback, closely related to the cost of the laser treatment session – the necessity of taking several sessions to complete the treatment. While it actually improves the treatment’s quality, it also influences the total cost of the treatment, so you can find yourself paying up to $2000 for the whole process.

After the treatment is done, the recovery period follows, and it can actually take up to a couple of month to bring your skin back into shape.

Another  drawback of the laser treatment is the possible occurrence of side effects; but the proper approach with qualified guidance can heavily minimize their influence.

Laser acne treatment is very effective, and although it may cause possible side effects, the process is rather safe. These effects include hypo and hyper pigmentation, infections, allergic-type reactions, skin burning, etc., and they can be avoided or at least minimized by proper treatment by a properly certified doctor or technician.

If you have tried every acne remedy you can find and have not even had success with the natural treatments then looking into a laser procedure may be your ultimate solution.

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