Looking for an Acne Remedy? Try the Paleo Diet

Zits! Ugh! The dread one feels when they feel one sneaking to the surface is horrible, and they always seem to come at the most inopportune times, right? No doubt there could be a lot harsher health issues to face, but zits are just a complete confidence crusher, especially if things have escalated to full blown acne.

Paleo Diet book.So what causes Acne Anyway?

Acne is the result of clogged pores found on the skin’s surface. Each pore contains a follicle which includes a hair and an oil gland.

Oil or sebum, released by the gland performs the role of removing old skin cells and helps to keep skin nice and soft. However, sometimes glands produce an overabundance of oil and pores can become clogged causing bacteria, dirt, and cells to build up, resulting in a nice, beautiful ZIT!

Is Diet a Factor when it comes to Acne?

There is an age old debate on whether or not the things we eat contribute to acne.

Some researches, including paleo diet expert Dr. Loren Cordain, support the idea that the Western diet contributes largely to acne through a process that involves constantly elevated insulin levels.

When we eat heavily processed, sugary, and starchy foods as well as breads and pasta, it causes our insulin levels to elevate. These elevated levels of insulin result in hormonal changes throughout the body that lead to an excess production of sebum, the oily substance that covers the skin, which in turn leads to acne.

How Does the Paleo Diet Effect Acne?

The Paleo diet is a diet that encourages followers to get back to their ancestral roots as hunters and gatherers, eating natural foods that our ancestors hunted, fished, and gathered since the beginning of time.

This would include a diet composed largely of vegetables, seasonal fruits, grass-fed meats, free range chicken, nuts, and seeds. The paleo diet totally discourages people from consuming any processed foods, cereals, pasta, breads, sweets, sodas, and beer.

With the paleo diet, you completely AVOID eating foods that cause insulin levels to spike, which in turn has a significant effect on the amount of sebum that the body manufactures, decreasing acne.

In his book, “The Dietary Cure for Acne,” Dr. Loren Cordain explains the results of a study done on two modern day tribal societies, who follow the paleo type diet, for occurrences of acne.

Examining the skin of 1200 Kitavan Islanders of Papua New Guinea, including 300 in the acne troubled age group of 15-25 years, and 115 members of the Ache tribe of Paraguay, he did not find a single incidence of acne.  Eskimos, he claims, were also completely free of acne while consuming their traditional diet of paleo type foods, but when introduced to the Western diet, the experienced a break out in pimples.

More than 2 years were also spent at Australia’s RMIT University and Royal Melbourne Hospital Department of Dermatology. They discovered a “solid link” between diet and the development of acne.

They concluded that carbs with a high glycemic index cause glucose and insulin to spike, which may have some bearing on the development of acne and its level of severity, and that consuming a diet high in protein and carbs that have a low glycemic index, caused acne breakouts to get better.


Eating paleo may be just what you need improve your complexion and get your self-confidence back.  Stop by knowmybody.com for more information on the paleo diet.








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