Makeup for Acne – Sheer Cover vs Bare Minerals

For women who suffer with acne but want to achieve a natural makeup look without exacerbating their condition there’s really only one type of makeup to consider – Mineral Makeup. There are a variety of manufacturers but let’s have a look at the two biggest.

Sheer Cover and Bare Minerals Makeup

When it comes to the debate over Sheer Cover vs bare Minerals it can be tricky to find a clear winner. Both claim to be filled with natural, healthful ingredients, both have loyal followers, and both are made by well-recognized brands.

This being the case, when trying to decide between the two, it may come down to comparing your needs against some basic information, such as ingredients and available color options.

For instance, Sheer Cover only offers four different shades of foundation, while bare Minerals offers a larger palate of 15. However, bare Minerals has a very basic list of ingredients, while Sheer Cover incorporates such beneficial additives as green tea extract.

Does Sheer Cover Really Work?

Sheer Cover is a two-step system that consists of applying the foundation, then following it with a clear powder that sets and helps to hold the foundation in place. Although this company swears that this basic system will work for everyone, the fact remains that each person is different. As with any product, what is magic for some may not work as well for others. Despite this, devotees of Sheer Cover swear by its effectiveness.

Minerals Makeup Brands

Although every brand of minerals makeup will vary, most will have some ingredients in common. Some of the most frequently shared ingredients include zinc oxide, mica, and titanium dioxide. Some brands may also include skin-enriching ingredients like Shea butter, aloe vera and vitamin E.

For those who avoid makeup due to sensitive skin issues, these additives can help the user become really creative when coming up with make up ideas, as they are thought to be less likely to cause irritation. Despite this, many brands that claim to be natural may still contain synthetic products that can irritate the skin, so it is important to carefully read the packaging before using.

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