A Barber Shop Like It Used To Be

Remember going to the barber shop down the road as a kid? You can recall the smell, the feel of the chair, the music playing in the background, and most of all, the gumball machine in the corner. There are not very many barber shops anymore like there used to be. Old barbers are retiring from business and not too many barbers are there to take their place. Not that there are not enough hair stylists out there, but actual barbers are not as common. It is nice to be able to go to a small, simple barber where service is his top priority. Well, there is such a barber shop in Orlando.

The Barber’s Touch

Many men will tell you that going to a hair salon never gives them the same satisfaction as going to a good barber. There is just something about the way they cut hair. They specialize in men’s haircuts rather than women’s and they aim to please; barber shops also offer close shaves.

Most barbers have many years of experience. In fact, there are even barbers that have so much training and experience that they are referred to as Master Barbers. These masters work and train hard to be where they are, and it brings them satisfaction when they can educate those they serve on proper technique.

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Salon Not for Everyone

For many people, going to the hair salon is not their first choice when they need a haircut. This is often because they prefer the simple, straight-forward manner of a barber shop. The barber is someone you can take the whole family to for a quiet, friendly atmosphere. It can be a tradition to take your sons to the barber shop and everyone can become better acquainted over the years.

Barber shops can be a family business, and many can still be found in small towns across the United States. One barber ran his own business for several years and once he was ready to quit, his son took over the business. The same men came back over and over again for repeat business because of the good rapport. They were all friends, and it was nice to keep the business in the family.

The Right Setting

Some small children cannot make it through a haircut without getting frustrated or cry throughout the entire ordeal. They end up with a mouthful or eyeful of hair, and they are not able to hold still for very long. Going to a barber can actually create memories for a small child. The right barber is very skilled at what he does and a young child can have a fun experience. Taking young children to the barber can be preferable, especially since the wait is generally shorter, and the haircut quicker.

Not all wives or mothers like to cut hair and not everyone wants to spend a fortune at the department store getting their hair styled. A barber shop is the perfect solution. Go ahead, stop in and see if it takes you back to the good ol’ days.


Many Options For Adding An After Shave Lotion

Shaving every day can take its toll on a man’s face; the repeated scraping of the razor takes the hairs off, but it also takes off the top layer of skin, a layer or two below, and can seriously dehydrate what is left. Especially with modern disposable safety razors where three, five, or more blades are scraping across the skin simultaneously, the loss of skin cells along with the hair can cause some unwanted effects such as dry and itchy skin and even roughening over the years.

There are a few ways to counter these effects, however, a step or two that most men skip to save thirty seconds in their morning routine and $30 on their quarterly budget. This step is using an after shave lotion or balm to moisturize and refresh the skin after a good, close shave.

Taking Hair and Skin

Whether a man chooses to shave in the shower or to shave afterwards in the mirror, the warm water and the scraping of the blades can do wonders for exfoliating the skin; removing dead and dying cells. However, too much and every day leaves the skin a little raw.

Razor burn is a common effect that can be avoided by using new, sharp blades and by using good, quality shaving cream or soap. However, hot water and soaps still do a great deal to dehydrate the skin, especially the top layer. To get the best, fullest glow of a freshly shaved and well cared for face, something more needs to be done; the skin must be moisturized with something it will soak up and enjoy.

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Shave Balms and Lotions

After shave balms and lotions come in many different kinds and styles; some are specifically designed for sensitive skin, which is most likely to feel the effects of razor burn. Shea butter and essential oils are common ingredients to help skin hydrate quickly and to counter any effects or feelings of razor burn.

Many after shave lotions are scented very subtly, a gentle alternative to aftershave if you feel those scents are too strong. They also come unscented, which simply means there are no added perfumes or scented oils. There is still a scent from the Shea butter and other oils in the lotion or cream, but they are much more subtle and will mix with your natural scent to make a pleasant, almost invisible presence.

Whether you are looking for something to take the last of the itching from razor burn away from your cheeks every morning, something to soften the effects of continued scraping with a sharp blade, or simply want to have a more healthy glow after each shave, adding after shave lotion, balm, or gel to moisturize your cheeks after having the hair and dead cells removed is a wonderful way to end your shaving routine.

There are options to suit every man, whether natural or enhancing, required or enjoyable, and reasons for anyone to consider a moisturizer to rejuvenate the skin each and every morning after the daily ritual of shaving.


How Chemical Peels for Acne Can Help You

The quality of a person’s facial skin can be a significant worry, especially if you have acne.

Many people feel self-conscious about the color or clearness of their skin, and there are a variety of products that claim to help treat acne problems, but not all of them are as effective as others.

There are four main steps to combat acne, some involving special treatments such as facial peels and other dermatological techniques. Recent research has determined that chemical peels for acne are effective at reducing acne lesions and the appearance of acne scars.

What Is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a facial treatment in which an acid is applied to the skin. This acid exfoliates the top layers of skin, and signals to the layers underneath that they need to rejuvenate.

The rejuvenation signals received by the lower layers of skin trigger the cells to recycle more quickly, preventing the type of clogged pores that produce acne lesions, and clearing zits from the skin.

Why Do It?

These peels can be conducted for a variety of reasons, as they are effective in initiating the skin’s recycling receptors, and help people’s general skin quality and appearance improve.

In order for chemical peels to be effective, they need to be conducted every one to two weeks, and the strength of the acid is dependent on what your skin needs: aestheticians are able to administer peels at about 30%, whereas dermatologists can go up to 70%.

How Do I Know If It Is Right For Me?

To decide what type of treatment would be best for your situation, it is important to consult a professional that can help advise you on which products and treatments are most appropriate for your skin type and your skin’s needs.

How Is It Effective for Acne?

As facial peels result in the skin recycling more quickly, this prevents pore clogging, which lessons the appearance of acne lesions. As the skin replaces itself with younger cells, the appearance of the face looks younger and clearer, allowing acne lesions to clear over a period of time.

How Often Does It Need To Be Done?

Since chemical peels need to be conducted every one to two weeks, it is important that clients maintain the treatments and recognize that it can take a couple of months for significant results to show, although small improvements in skin quality may be evident.

Is This The Only Thing I Need?

It is also important to note that chemical peels for acne can be, and in some cases must be, used in conjunction with other skincare products and regimens in order to produce the highest results. There are many ways to control and combat acne that complement treatments such as facial peels, and a general skincare regimen is an important step in maintaining and improving positive results.

Thoroughly cleansing the skin, especially after a day out of the house, is a key step in unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells, and there are a variety of products available for different skin types. In addition to cleansing, you also need to protect your skin from as much environmental damage as possible by using products such as sunblock and UV protective makeup.

If you develop good skincare habits that complement dermatological treatments, you are more likely to see improvements in your skin quality.