Coconut Oil for Skin Care

coconut oil for skin care

Coconut oil is a popular choice for those looking to clear up some skin care issues, but it can also be eaten, used for cooking, and even for hair care.

Coconut oil for skin care is only one of the things you can keep in mind to help and assist you with your skin issues.

In the discovery of the coconut oil in the Pacific Islands, people used it mainly for cooking.

Over the course of time, it was discovered that there are certain elements that made the coconut oil ideal for skin care.

Lauric acid is one component that adds protection to the skin as it is converted to monolarium, which, in turn, is great in aiding the immune system in the fight against bacteria.

The molecular structure of coconut oil was also discovered to have the medium chain triglycerides as a major property.

This means that it offers a higher and faster absorption rate into the body as it comes with these fine particles.  Thus, the coconut oil for skin care is usually found in topically applied creams and lotions.

Two Reasons Why It Works

Coconut oil in skin treatment products has two main reasons why it works so well for many people. The first is the fact that it is composed of a high content of antioxidants, which are essential to the overall health of the skin.

Free radicals are considered to be vital part of the skin composition. However, an excess amount will speed the aging process. Coconut oil aims to slow down this process by introducing to the body the antioxidants.

Anti-microbial benefits are the second reason why the oil is ideal for use on the skin. The composition of the oil is to have the Lauric acid as an ingredient in the battle against germs that may harm the skin. Thus, it comes to reason that it will  aid in preventing acne, pimples, and other skin issues.

The ability to cook with oil from coconuts was discovered centuries ago.  However, coconut oil for skin care is only a recent discovery, but it is something that is definitely worth trying.