How To Get Rid of Pimples On Buttocks

If you get pimples on your buttocks you know what a pain in the rear end it is. (pun intended) There are a couple of things that you may not have tried that can help you to get rid of those pimples on your butt.

Most people don’t have their entire buttock area covered with pimples like some do with their pimples on the chest or back area.  Whether or not you get a few pimples or a lot the following advice applies equally.

How to get rid of pimples on buttocks

The first thing to do after making sure you are wearing clean underwear everyday is to make sure you are washing with soap and water with a washcloth or other cleaning device when you take a shower.

Many people fail to realize this simple point.  If you are not washing whatever area on your body that you have pimples on everyday, it is going to be difficult to get rid of the problem.

Washing the buttock area is not second nature to most people.  This is the same reason that so many people have trouble getting rid of pimples on the back.  We just don’t spend much time, or have the proper tools to do that effectively.

Get yourself a sponge with a long handle attached or some other similar type equipment to get the job done. 

Here is a good Loofa Back Brush for Buttock Pimples and Back Acne from Amazon that will help. 

It’s only about seven bucks.  Just add soap, and give yourself a good scrubbing on a daily basis.

The second thing you can do after the area is thoroughly cleaned is to use some sort of toning cleanser, or even a skin drying ‘mask’ type product that Proactiv sells.

It doesn’t have to be the Proactiv brand specifically, any sort of skin drying product will do wonders to help get rid of those pesky buttock pimples.

If you follow the two simple steps given above, which are proper cleaning, and then using any sort of skin care product that will help to dry out your pimples you will most likely find quick success in eliminating the pimples and zits on your buttocks.