Five Great Alternatives to Shaving Cream

To get the best shave, you definitely can’t go without a shaving soap, cream, or gel. A dry shave usually results in burns and cuts on your face, so this something to avoid. But let’s say you’re on vacation and you forgot your shaving soap, or you’re in a rush to get to work and you’re fresh out of gel.

It’s essential that you shave if you are going to show your face at an important business meeting. Using just your razor is not going to work. Fortunately, there are a few household items that can serve as a substitute to shaving cream or any other shaving lubricant. These work just as well and don’t leave your skin dry or cut up.

Hair Care

If shampoo and conditioner works for the hair on your head, why should it not work for the hair on your face? Just grab either of these hair products out of your shower and you are set to shave. Shampoo will lather up a beard in no time and clean out contaminants and other things collected on the face.

This method works great, but an even better alternative is conditioner. This soft and creamy substance will soften the texture of your hair and the skin of your face. You can use these two products together even or you can pick one or other.

Soap Suggestion

What many people don’t know is a standard bar of shower soap can do a great job when you want to shave. In fact, a bar can even last longer than a standard can of shaving gel or cream.

Glycerin soap in particular is excellent because it cleans the face and allows easy gliding on all kinds of shaving razors. For an effective lather, simply rub the soap with a wet towel and apply the suds to your face. Soap is a very effective alternative that comes at a low price.

Lowdown on Lotion

Lotion can moisturize all parts of your body, so why not use it to moisturize your face and provide a great shaving experience? Hey, it may even work better than most shaving creams since it has a lot of the same ingredients. Your face will be left clean, smooth, soft, and smelling good.

Oil Options

There are a few different oils you can apply to your face. They include baby, olive, coconut, apricot, and sweet almond oil. Oil is a great idea because this was actually used to precede and complement the application of shaving foams. It was used to lubricate the skin and make shaving go smoother. Baby oil in fact shields the skin from cuts and nicks. To act on old shaving traditions and be economical at the same time, don’t forget about oils.

Details on Dish Washing Liquid

Many dish washing liquid soaps are meant to be gentle on the hands, so it’s a small wonder they would be gentle on the face. In fact, it’s made to have a low level of skin irritation. The liquid soap is also tough on dirt and bacteria so you’re left with a clean finish. Just be sure you lather it up properly with water and rinse your razor frequently. This works as a great alternative to shaving cream so you won’t regret borrowing from your kitchen supplies.

With all of the available products for shaving on the market, ultimately your choice comes down to what works best for you.  Not only will this depend on your skin type and shaving methods, but also your preferences for comfort and style.  But what if you have run out of that certain shaving cream you depend on to get a smooth, comfortable shave?  Just remember these five things that you already have laying around your house.  Your face will thank you.