Many Options For Adding An After Shave Lotion

Shaving every day can take its toll on a man’s face; the repeated scraping of the razor takes the hairs off, but it also takes off the top layer of skin, a layer or two below, and can seriously dehydrate what is left. Especially with modern disposable safety razors where three, five, or more blades are scraping across the skin simultaneously, the loss of skin cells along with the hair can cause some unwanted effects such as dry and itchy skin and even roughening over the years.

There are a few ways to counter these effects, however, a step or two that most men skip to save thirty seconds in their morning routine and $30 on their quarterly budget. This step is using an after shave lotion or balm to moisturize and refresh the skin after a good, close shave.

Taking Hair and Skin

Whether a man chooses to shave in the shower or to shave afterwards in the mirror, the warm water and the scraping of the blades can do wonders for exfoliating the skin; removing dead and dying cells. However, too much and every day leaves the skin a little raw.

Razor burn is a common effect that can be avoided by using new, sharp blades and by using good, quality shaving cream or soap. However, hot water and soaps still do a great deal to dehydrate the skin, especially the top layer. To get the best, fullest glow of a freshly shaved and well cared for face, something more needs to be done; the skin must be moisturized with something it will soak up and enjoy.

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Shave Balms and Lotions

After shave balms and lotions come in many different kinds and styles; some are specifically designed for sensitive skin, which is most likely to feel the effects of razor burn. Shea butter and essential oils are common ingredients to help skin hydrate quickly and to counter any effects or feelings of razor burn.

Many after shave lotions are scented very subtly, a gentle alternative to aftershave if you feel those scents are too strong. They also come unscented, which simply means there are no added perfumes or scented oils. There is still a scent from the Shea butter and other oils in the lotion or cream, but they are much more subtle and will mix with your natural scent to make a pleasant, almost invisible presence.

Whether you are looking for something to take the last of the itching from razor burn away from your cheeks every morning, something to soften the effects of continued scraping with a sharp blade, or simply want to have a more healthy glow after each shave, adding after shave lotion, balm, or gel to moisturize your cheeks after having the hair and dead cells removed is a wonderful way to end your shaving routine.

There are options to suit every man, whether natural or enhancing, required or enjoyable, and reasons for anyone to consider a moisturizer to rejuvenate the skin each and every morning after the daily ritual of shaving.


How to Achieve Perfect Shave Rewards

When you take a razor to your face, do you expect more than just a lack of whiskers when you’re done? If not, you should. Shaving isn’t just about removing hair. It’s about making you comfortable and relaxed while improving your appearance and your skin. But most men treat the shaving experience as if it’s something they need to get out of the way as quickly as possible. The result of this way of thinking is an uncomfortable post-shave face including nicks and cuts as well as itchy, raw skin. You can do better than this.

Don’t settle for the mundane when you can achieve something that is better.

Your goal when you pick up a razor should be to achieve perfect shave rewards. Those rewards include a hairless face, softer and moisturized skin, clean pores, and a better appearance. Here’s how to achieve these rewards.

Don’t Skimp on the Tools and Products

The problem with the average male is that he uses the cheapest shaving products available from the local drug store. Most of these products are disposable like disposable razors and shaving cream or shave gel. So while you think you’re saving money by buying cheaper products, you’re actually spending more money in the long run on items you have to throw away or that will run out eventually any way.

A better way is to invest in products you can use for years and years. Instead of using electric or disposable razors, you should invest in a quality straight-razor that you can use for decades. All you need to do is keep it sharpened. You should also invest in a good shaving brush and quality products.

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Get the Right Products

If you’re going to spend a little extra money on getting quality products, make sure you get the right products. Instead of buying a can of shave gel or shaving cream, you should consider purchasing a quality English shaving cream, the kind used by professional barbers. You can find these online as well as at your local barbershop.

Many creams have pleasant subtle scents such as sandalwood or lavender. People with sensitive skin should look for an unscented option. Pre-shave oil is also a beneficial product to own, especially if you have a tough beard that doesn’t shave easily.

After-shave liquid or balm is another great product to own. Look for an after-shave product with natural, botanical ingredients that doesn’t contain any alcohol. After-shave helps moisturize your skin and close your pores. However, if you have sensitive skin you might want to skip the after-shave.

Do it Right

If you’re going to have professional products, learn how to give yourself a professional shave. Start by preparing your face with a hot towel, hot shower, or pre-shave oil. A hot towel or shower will help open the pores and soften your tough whiskers. Pre-shave oil serves the same purpose as well.

Once your face is ready, use your shaving brush to create lather and apply the shaving cream. Use your straight-razor while stretching your skin as much as possible. This will give you a close shave. Try not to shave against the grain to avoid razor burn and cuts. Once you’re done, rinse with cold water. This helps close the pores.

Following these steps will help you achieve the perfect shave rewards.

Why settle for less when you can get so much more out of your shave?  

“What else could I get out of my shave other than a whisker-less face?” you might ask.  A great, close shave without the bothersome nicks and cuts that come along with using cheap razors and creams.  When you feel great about your shave, it will make you feel better, look better and as an outcome, boost your confidence.


Five Great Alternatives to Shaving Cream

To get the best shave, you definitely can’t go without a shaving soap, cream, or gel. A dry shave usually results in burns and cuts on your face, so this something to avoid. But let’s say you’re on vacation and you forgot your shaving soap, or you’re in a rush to get to work and you’re fresh out of gel.

It’s essential that you shave if you are going to show your face at an important business meeting. Using just your razor is not going to work. Fortunately, there are a few household items that can serve as a substitute to shaving cream or any other shaving lubricant. These work just as well and don’t leave your skin dry or cut up.

Hair Care

If shampoo and conditioner works for the hair on your head, why should it not work for the hair on your face? Just grab either of these hair products out of your shower and you are set to shave. Shampoo will lather up a beard in no time and clean out contaminants and other things collected on the face.

This method works great, but an even better alternative is conditioner. This soft and creamy substance will soften the texture of your hair and the skin of your face. You can use these two products together even or you can pick one or other.

Soap Suggestion

What many people don’t know is a standard bar of shower soap can do a great job when you want to shave. In fact, a bar can even last longer than a standard can of shaving gel or cream.

Glycerin soap in particular is excellent because it cleans the face and allows easy gliding on all kinds of shaving razors. For an effective lather, simply rub the soap with a wet towel and apply the suds to your face. Soap is a very effective alternative that comes at a low price.

Lowdown on Lotion

Lotion can moisturize all parts of your body, so why not use it to moisturize your face and provide a great shaving experience? Hey, it may even work better than most shaving creams since it has a lot of the same ingredients. Your face will be left clean, smooth, soft, and smelling good.

Oil Options

There are a few different oils you can apply to your face. They include baby, olive, coconut, apricot, and sweet almond oil. Oil is a great idea because this was actually used to precede and complement the application of shaving foams. It was used to lubricate the skin and make shaving go smoother. Baby oil in fact shields the skin from cuts and nicks. To act on old shaving traditions and be economical at the same time, don’t forget about oils.

Details on Dish Washing Liquid

Many dish washing liquid soaps are meant to be gentle on the hands, so it’s a small wonder they would be gentle on the face. In fact, it’s made to have a low level of skin irritation. The liquid soap is also tough on dirt and bacteria so you’re left with a clean finish. Just be sure you lather it up properly with water and rinse your razor frequently. This works as a great alternative to shaving cream so you won’t regret borrowing from your kitchen supplies.

With all of the available products for shaving on the market, ultimately your choice comes down to what works best for you.  Not only will this depend on your skin type and shaving methods, but also your preferences for comfort and style.  But what if you have run out of that certain shaving cream you depend on to get a smooth, comfortable shave?  Just remember these five things that you already have laying around your house.  Your face will thank you.