The Best Acne Treatments for Both Face and Body

Acne at any stage in life can be both physically and mentally scarring. As a teen, there are many pressures to look a certain way, and acne is an embarrassing condition, that can lead to sever ridicule. A young teen with acne not only faces ridicule from their piers, but also low self-esteem and depression issues can occur as a result.

An adult may experience the same trauma, when adult acne surfaces. As a result to this issue, many have searched for the best treatment for acne. In order to find the best treatment for adult acne, you have to find out what type of acne you have, and keep in mind the sensitivity of your skin. The different types of acne include, white heads, black heads, papules, and pustules.At this time the direct causes for acne are unknown.

Are There Any Acne Treatment Options for Me?

Studies have shown possible causes, including, hormones, cosmetics, and stress. Knowing these possible causes gives you insight into the best treatment for acne.For example, if you tend to breakout more during your monthly cycle, birth control or another form of hormone therapy may be best for you.

Cosmetics are something that is harder to address, you may feel the need to wear it to try and cover your acne, however it can clog your pore’s and cause more breakouts. It is suggested that you wear cosmetics that are dermatologist tested, to cut down on pore clogging additives. There are cosmetics now that are made with acne fighting ingredients; these may also be a good choice for acne prone skin.  Another adverse result from acne is acne scarring.

Many have also searched for the best treatment for acne scars. Let’s first address what a scar is. A scar of any kind is, is the sight of injury to the skin tissue. Therefore, the best treatments for acne scaring include; collagen injections, fat transfers, and laser treatments. Collagen injections are when collagen is injected under the skin to fill out superficial and deep soft tissue scars, this procedure last only 3-6 months. Fat transfers, are when you have fat taken from another site on your body and injected under the scar, this procedure usually last only 16-18 months. Last but not least, laser treatment is a light laser used to re-contour the scar tissue and reduce redness.

It is important to remember the first the best treatment for acne on the face and body, is a healthy skin care regimen.

You should wash your face and any other infected area twice a day, with acne fighting face wash, to help clear and prevent future breakouts. Another way to help your skin stay clear is by taking a multivitamin, drinking plenty of water and using natural products, more on this here. It is speculated that a vitamin deficiency can cause acne. Drinking plenty of water also helps by, clearing your body of toxins. It is important to remember acne is a medical condition, and may need medical attention if you do not respond to any over the counter treatments.

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