Using an Acne Facial Mask Will Transform Your Complexion

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought, ‘today is definitely not a good skin day’?

Unlike hair, where we can have a bad hair day, and pull up our hair or put a hat on it, skin is much harder to hide. Of course, there is makeup and foundations, but those just cover your skin, they do not solve your problem.

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A good facial mask product can really help to keep your acne problem under control.

Acne Is Pretty Common

Acne is a common problem. Like most skin problems, it is probably caused by something deeper, not a surface issue. Those of us who have had acne for a long period of time, or suddenly developed it after changing nothing, can attest to this fact.

Acne affects people both male and female, and can be caused by hormones, stress, and even hot, humid weather. Acne is an infection in the pores whose skin cell walls have been broken down, allowing the inflammation to spread.

What are the Causes of Bad Skin?

Why is there an infection in the first place? Well, any of the internal or external causes we see above result in an overabundance of sebum (oil that the skin produces to keep itself moisturized).

Sebum, produced at a healthy rate carries dirt and debris that collect in the hair follicle to the top, out of the skin, and it is washed off when you wash your face.

In a person with acne, the overabundance of sebum causes a clog in the hair follicle, and then the dirt gets trapped and causes an infection.

What To Do About Acne?

What can we do about this? Pursuing a resolution of the deeper issues causing the overabundance of sebum is always a good thing, but let’s discuss some more immediate solutions.

Facial Masks Can Definitely Help

An anti acne face mask can be helpful. An acne facial mask can help rejuvenate your skin and clear up acne.

What Do I Look for in a Facial Mask?

Like any other skin care product, be sure to choose a mask with ingredients that support and develop healthy skin, not just something that is going to dry your skin out.  A quality acne facial mask could include green tea which has great astringent properties, as does lavender, oregano, and mint.

Skin health supportive vitamins such as B, C, E, and H, are wonderful additions to your acne facial mask as well. Acne can be a bothersome issue, especially for teens who are already overly concerned with their looks. Whether you, your teen, or a friend you know, is suffering from acne, an anti acne mask is a first step to take in skin health and cleanliness.

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