Keep The Forehead Clear of Acne and Whiteheads

As the forehead is one of the most visible places on the body, it can be very aggravating to have forehead acne. These breakouts can be very itchy and unsightly, so many people are interested in eliminating and preventing them.

The forehead also happens to be part of the “T” area, which is very prone to oil and acne. Those with combination or oily skin are especially likely to see constant blemishes in this area without proper skin care.

The good news is that acne, unlike some skin conditions, is entirely curable and preventable. You can cut down on forehead acne if you simply avoid touching the area with your hands. Also, those who have their hair resting on their forehead are more likely to get breakouts, so pull it back or cut it. Hair is very dirty, so it is not good for the skin.

The next step is to only use high quality soap with natural extracts to fight oil and clean the skin. Natural extracts are not as harsh on the skin as chemicals, so they won’t dry it out. Dry skin actually creates more oil and therefore more acne. You can also use a good shampoo and wash your hair regularly to keep it clean and free of oils. Remember that dirty, oily hair will directly go against any of your attempts for clear skin. A good 3 day detox program can help with oily hair.

Finally, don’t pop pimples. This is a very tempting thing to do, but doing so can actually cause acne scars which are even more unsightly and often times permanent. Instead of popping, exfoliate the skin daily to get rid of the dead skin and wear the pimples down. You can also use a spot treatment for particularly large or stubborn blemishes or for whitehead removal. This is the most effective way to deal with those zits.

About Donna M.

Donna May is an at home skin care specialist who researches and writes about skin care products, does product reviews, and likes to discover new techniques for dealing with the many different kinds of skin issues that people develop over the course of their lives.