Wrinkle Reduction with Non-Surgical Injectables

Wrinkle reduction procedures and methods are among the most popular anti aging treatments or skin care treatments today as the formation of wrinkles on the face is part of the natural aging process, as the skin thins and loses elasticity.

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There are ways to counteract the formation of facial wrinkles. Though many anti aging creams and lotions are available, non-surgical facial injectables remain the most effective way of reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the face to create a younger, smoother appearance.

Botox Cosmetic

Botox Cosmetic is one of the most popular facial injectables for eliminating wrinkles. It is used by everyday individual as well as celebrities.

This treatment weakens the facial muscles surrounding the wrinkles, causing muscle relaxation. The more relaxed muscles smooth out the wrinkles in the overlying skin.

The effect on the muscles is temporary, meaning additional treatments within approximately three to ten months will be necessary to maintain the appearance.


Artefill remains the only FDA approved facial injectable for filling in wrinkles and correcting smile lines. This filler is safe to use and doesn’t become absorbed by the body. The results are immediately visible after only one or two treatments, and they continue to improve over several months. Artefill is the non-surgical facial injectable that will last the longest and be the safest for use according to some.

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Another popular facial injectable is Juvederm. This semi-permanent filler is water soluble and is made of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural element that hydrates your skin and adds volume.

Thus, it makes an excellent method of treating facial wrinkles because it adds to the already naturally occurring processes. It is most commonly used to smooth out wrinkles and add volume to the lips.


Restylane is similar to Juvederm in function and use. The gel is biodegradable and is based on hyaluronic acid. Its results last for six to twelve months when used to treat wrinkles around the mouth, lips, between the eyebrows, and the nasolabial folds. It can also add volume to the lips, which lasts up to six months.


This non-surgical facial injectable has been used for over twenty five years. Radiesse is made of calciumhydroxylapatite and an aqueous gel which fit with the naturally occurring calcium in the body. While some fillers are known to only last for a few months Radiesse can last anywhere between six months and seven years. It has been FDA approved for use in soft tissue and some areas, though not yet for facial treatment.


Perlane is a facial filler that adds volume and smooths moderate to severe wrinkles on the face. Also made of hyaluronic acid, it has been cross-linked chemically to slow the breakdown process by the enzymes in the skin. Results are known to last around six months.

Which one is best?

Any of these non-surgical facial injectables for reducing wrinkles in the face can be highly effective. Which one is best will depend on the individual and should be discussed with a reliable and professional plastic surgeon in the area.

What About Wrinkle Cream?

Many people find that a good wrinkle cream can do wonders for their looks and never have to even consider spending money on expensive anti wrinkle treatments.  Recent studies have even shown that natural sea salt can help to reduce wrinkles.

Dead Sea salt for wrinkles?

http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead Sea salt

Further research into Dead Sea salt benefits has shown a 40% reduction in the depth of wrinkling.

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